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We offer a large selection of iPad repairs including screens, batteries, charging ports and more for nearly all models.

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Everything needed for a great iPad repair

Our aim is to repair your device to the highest standard, using the best available parts and retaining all of your devices original features.

Quality parts

We only use the best available parts, to ensure maximum compatibility and no issues.

Fast repairs

The majority of our iPad repairs are completed in under 2 hours, most are even quicker.

No inspection fees

We dont charge any fees to inspect your device and provide a quotation for a repair.


We have a combined 40 years experience in the repair of iPhones.

Board repairs

We offer a variety of iPad logic board repairs, should your device have a more serious issue.

Liquid damage

If your iPad has liquid damage, we offer a thorough cleaning service to restore your device.

Data recovery

If your device isn't powering on, we can attempt data recovery using a number of methods.


All of our parts and repairs are covered by a 90 day warranty (excluding accidental damage).

iPad Repairs

Repair with us

Our Process

We've been repairing iPads at our Trinity Leeds store since the iPad was first released in 2010, and during that time we've learnt a lot about how the devices work, the common issues each model have and the best repair methods.

So what can we do. After nearly two decades worth of experience, exclusively working with Apple products, we have extensive knowledge on the ins and outs of all the Apple product line, especially the iPads. Most commonly seen repairs are smashed screens and worn out batteries, both of which can be replaced usually within a couple of hours on every model and generation. The tools and techniques we use mean that we can confidently open up an iPad to get to the battery or dock without either marking the case or damaging the display in the process.

You may notice a bit of a price variation across the iPad models. This is because some iPads have combined touch screen and LCD displays. Whilst it makes for an easier screen replacement, it does push the cost up because the glass, touchscreen and LCD all have to be changed as a single piece, rather than just the iPad’s front glass panel, which is commonly smashed.

If you notice your iPad battery life is waning and you don’t get the usual hours of usage then here at iPatch, we can certainly fit your iPad with a brand new, official OEM battery. This would take the battery life of your Apple iPad back up to what it was when you first bought it. A whole new lease of life can be brought to your aging iPad this way and you wouldn’t be able to tell anyone had even been inside.

Have the kids bent in their power button, snapped a headphone jack, or jammed a home button? Never fear, all of those well used components can be repaired or replaced. We carefully remove the iPad display from its sealed housing and keep it dust free whilst we work on the internals. Our warranty covers you for 90 days too in the unlikely event the same issue occurs.

We see a lot of the newer 11” and 12.9” iPad Pro’s with dock issues too. There seems to be a common fault where the iPad just decides to stop charging when connecting to power and by replacing the lightening charger port or newer style USB-C port, we can bring your iPad back to life at a fraction of the cost of having Apple replace the iPad under their repair programme.

We also work along side many education departments and industry sectors that utilise iPads for their staff, students and team members. If your business or IT department are in need of a place to get your iPads serviced quickly so they can be returned to your workforce then iPatch can offer you just that service. We are efficient, reliable and honest with our repairs and are confident you would be happy with the service we offer.

A Deeper Dive

How we’re different

iPad in Repair

As mentioned previously, we've now been repairing iPads for quite some time. During this we've always been committed to using original components paired with the best workmanship. This means we aren't always the cheapest option available, but we feel we do offer the best available independent repair option for Apple products.

We don't offer different tiers or grades of parts, only original quality, every time. This ensures your device performs as Apple originally intended with no loss of functionality or performance. We also ensure devices are disassembled and reassembled according to spec. We don't leave parts out, and any small components missing from a previous poor repair will be changed as part of your repair with us. We also replace any seals which have to be broken to complete your repair, to ensure water and dust resistance. You wouldn’t even notice your cherished iPad had even been opened up as the tools and techniques we use leave no mark on the casing.

Our Parts

You wouldn’t want any old cheap bits and bobs used to fix a device that was expensive to purchase in the first place would you? It would be like putting recycled tyres on a sports car…yes you can get away with it but they won’t last very long and can often have disastrous consequences!

All the components we use to repair iPads are original OEM quality parts. For some of the almost antique models, we do have to use refurbished components as the bits simply aren’t produced any more. This doesn’t mean though that they aren’t thoroughly inspected and tested before fitting and our warranty covers any unexpected issues that may arise. For the newer models of iPads and all the replacement batteries we fit, the parts are supplied straight from the factory.

We aim to offer the best available independent repairs, from our Leeds based stores. We only use the best parts available and our repairs are often much cheaper than going to the Apple Store. So if you have a smashed screen, bad battery or any other fault, we're sure we'll have a solution that you'll be happy with.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How do I get my iPad Repaired?
Choose the repair your device requires and the best booking option for you. We accept both drop off and mail in repairs, so wether your local or not we can still offer you our services. If you aren’t sure which repair your iPad requires, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.
How much does it cost?
The cost for your repair will depend on the type of repair and the model of iPad. We list nearly all repair costs for the the iPad's we offer service on. Should you not be able to find your repair listed, please get in touch and we’ll be able to advise further. For liquid damage devices, or no power devices we wouldn’t be able to provide a repair quote until after an inspection.
How long will it take?
We understand how important iPad's have become, so we aim to complete all repairs in the same day, usually the same hour. A drop off repair for your iPad is the quickest way to get your device repaired, and we usually complete nearly all iPad repairs in a couple of hours. Should you want to mail in instead, we aim to repair and dispatch the device back to you within the same day.
What to expect?
We offer a wide range of repairs for all iPad models, however should a repair not be possible on your device you can collect your iPad with no fee or just the return postage fee if you’ve mailed in. Although we don’t routinely erase any device during repair, we do recommend you take a backup of your data before having your device repaired.
Screen Replacements
iPad screen replacements are our most common repair, we can repair most screens within a couple of hours. We aim to keep all models of display in stock so you can pop into our Leeds store for a quick replacement without an appointment.
Battery Replacements
iPad batteries have a limited life span, this is usually around 1000 full charges. If your battery no longer gets you through the day we can offer a quick replacement, usually within a couple of hours. We keep nearly all batteries in stock, so you can stop by for a quick replacement at our Leeds store.

“Fantastic service from iPatch who repaired my iPad’s screen and then some. The repair was completed swiftly and my iPad is as good as new.”

“Very much recommend iPatch to anyone as a more affordable alternate to Apple that delivers the same quality service.”

Matty Firth

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