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Liquid Damage Repairs

With devices as portable as the Apple lineup of iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBooks, getting them wet is all too easily done. Fortunately we are on hand to help you out with some highly specialised equipment and a very experienced team, who are used to seeing all sorts of fluids inside devices. From fresh water, salt water, toilet water, beer, juice, tea and even lube, it’s hard to surprise us with what you’ve dipped your device in and there is certainly no need to be embarrassed by what you bring us! An important note though, the sooner we can operate on your device, the more likely a successful outcome!

Oh, and please don’t seal up your items in bags of rice…it really doesn’t do any help and just gets stuck in the headphone jack and dock ports.

What we do

The first step is to ascertain what your device has been exposed to and how long prior to visiting us. Different fluids have different effects on electrical components and at different rates, for example salt water is very corrosive to copper contacts and evaporates quickly causing rust to occur. The rusting is what causes the main damage to the delicate chips and copper contacts inside your product, making them brittle and cross conductive.

Once we have a bit of background then we can begin our work. Whatever device has suffered water damage, be it an iPhone, iPad or MacBook, the repair work is essentially the same:

  • Open the device carefully and perform an initial damage assessment, recording and photographing any findings.
  • Sterilise and speed dry the device with compressed air to make sure no standing water is left.
  • Dismantle the affected components ready for a deep clean in our chemical and ultrasonic baths.
  • Secondary inspection and repair/replacement of affected components once quote has been provided and accepted.
  • Reconstruction of the device, relevant seals replaced and final diagnostic testing performed.

Different devices tend to have the same theme of issues when they get wet. iPhones, for example, tend to need replacement displays and batteries whilst MacBooks tend to suffer more with keyboard and logic board damage. We stock, or are able to obtain, original parts so that your repair is completed swiftly and your device is back to performing exactly how it should be. Adding to that, all our work comes with a 90 day, full money back guarantee in the event your device fails completely beyond repair.

With time comes experience

As our team have been working solely with Apple devices for well over 10 years, we have amassed a wealth of knowledge between us and know exactly what to look for when fault finding. This is essential in the case of fluid damaged devices as so much or so little can be affected, causing a wide range of issues. By knowing what we do about every one of Apple’s product line-up, we can have your repair diagnosed and completed in a very short space of time and with our assurance that your won’t experience any further issues.

Photo a wet iPhone.

Everything you need for your devices

It's not just liquid damage repairs we offer. If you require an insurance report, logic board repairs or data recovery. Take a look at some of the other services we offer.

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