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Logic Board Repairs

iPatch has the ability to perform minute repairs on iPhone, iPad and MacBook logic boards. We have a range of specialist equipment along with a wealth of expertise which means we can replace individual chips, some as small as a quarter of a grain of rice. What this means is that instead of having to pay for an entire logic board replacement, which can be an expensive option, we can instead get your original one working again in most cases and cut the cost by up to half. It also makes for a more environmentally friendly impact!

The most common causes for logic boards to fail is either due to liquid damage, physical damage or overloading of power from aftermarket chargers. At iPatch, we run diagnostic testing to pinpoint the fault and would always offer the option to get you up and running by replacing individual components rather than an entire part if possible. Not only does that help you with the repair cost, but we also feel better about having less electronic waste going to landfill.

Commonly seen on iPhones and MacBooks, a board repair would often fix a faulty screen backlight, audio issues, signal and wifi failures as well as complete loss of power or charging ability. On iPads, we can restore the loss of touch screen functionality or the inability to restore the device via a computer. Our steady hands mean we can also restore life to treasured and almost antique Apple products, especially the original iPod and MacBook range who’s life may have looked to have come to an end.

The tools we use include high powered microscopes, micro-soldering equipment, chemical and ultrasonic baths, combined with a steady hand and all operated in a specially ventilated workshop at our Trinity Leeds branch. Since we don’t charge at all for diagnosis, make sure you think of us before you give up and dispose/replace your Apple device completely. You may be surprised at what we can do!

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It's not just logic board repairs we offer. If you require an insurance report, device recycling or a liquid damage repair. Take a look at some of the other services we offer.

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