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Data Recovery

When your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac develops a fault, having it repaired is often only part of the immediate stress. The prospect of loosing your valuable data stored on your Apple device can often be far more upsetting than any of the time lost and costs involved in getting your device up and running again.

Fortunately at iPatch, we not only offer a quick repair service at a competitive price but we can also do our best to help retrieve lost data. Our many years of experience repairing exclusively apple products means that we are well versed in their workings and have lots of tricks up our sleeves to revive data from seemingly dead devices. Whilst we have a very high data recovery rate, sadly it is not always possible and, if this was the case, you would have our assurance that everything possible had been tried and we wouldn’t charge you a penny.

If you have an iPhone or iPad that has seemingly died (not charging, loss of power or repeating apple boot logo) then please avoid trying to restart or restore your device. We frequently see customers who have tried to get their device going again by connecting to a computer or letting an inexperienced party have a go, only to permanently wipe any data off their logic board.

If you pop in to see us at iPatch we will diagnose the fault for free and let you know what can be done, usually within the hour. You can also choose to fully repair the device, or if its not economically viable to you, then we can temporarily install the necessary parts to pull your data off to a memory stick or iPhone/iCloud back-up file. We have managed to restore data from iPhones that have suffered software corruption, water damage and massive physical trauma.

For MacBooks and iMacs, data recovery of a dead device is usually just a case of opening up your machine and physically removing its hard drive. We can then either install it in a caddy for you to connect to another computer or we can duplicate the drive contents to a memory stick, a vital service for students working on tight deadlines!

Again, we can also offer the service of repairing the MacBook or iMac, taking great care of your data in the process. If your hard drive itself has sadly failed or is on its way out then we can, in most cases, pull off chunks of data using specialist software and an external drive caddy. The drive failure would have to be pretty catastrophic for us to be unable to do anything! Our Trinity Leeds repair centre is fully equipped with all the latest tools and parts to get you reunited with your data as quickly as possible, you don’t need to make an appointment to visit and all work is covered by a 90 day warranty.

Photo of hard drive internals.

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It's not just data recovery services we offer. If you require an insurance report, logic board repairs or a liquid damage repair. Take a look at some of the other services we offer.

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