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Device Recycling

You probably already know what we do. We fix, we replace and we get you reunited with your beloved apple device as quickly as possible. Our aim is to save you from having to replace your iPhone, iPad or Mac in its entirety, not just because it would be expensive for you but also it works out much better for the environment! All too often, electronic devices are sent to landfill which could have easily been given a new lease of life.

This gave us an idea. What about all the old apple iPods, iPads, iPhones, iMacs and Macbooks that have become obsolete in households as times change and users upgrade. It’s a shame not to put them to some use. So we would like to offer you a trade…

If you have any old apple products, even ones that don’t work, lying around the house, stuffed in drawers or taking up valuable garage space then why not donate them to us. In return, we will offer you a gift card to spend at iPatch, of a value that reflects the age and condition of the donated device.

We would most likely practice new repair techniques on your product, use them in training staff, donate any that we get working to charity or to those who aren’t lucky enough to have a portable music player or simply just recycle them as environmentally friendly as possible. You would be amazed how useful the odd screw or bracket is to us when fixing another person’s iPhone who’s had a bad repair done previously with bits left out.

If you do have anything you think would be of use to us and you would like to kindly donate to us then simply drop them off at our Trinity Leeds store. You can also post smaller items over or even contact us to arrange a MacBook or iMac collection. Our lovely team will have a look at what you want to leave us and issue you a voucher.

Our staff at iPatch are all firm believers in reducing electronic waste and simply would like the opportunity to help the environment as much as possible…hey, we’ve even turned some devices in to works of art and hung them on our shop wall, something we can happily do to your old device if you would like to enquire.

Photo of a stack of Apple products.

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It's not just recycling services we offer. If you require an insurance report, logic board repairs or a liquid damage repair. Take a look at some of the other services we offer.

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