iMac Pro Repair

Please contact us to discuss any repair or upgrade options for the iMac Pro.

Limited Repairs

Please get in touch to discuss any repair or upgrade options on this device.

A Better Way To Repair

Why repair your iMac Pro with iPatch?

We look after you Mac like it's our own

Your Mac includes a number of important features, we only use original parts where possible to ensure no loss of functionality.

Full Diagnostics
We fully check and diagnose every component within your Mac to ensure it's performing it's best, and to make sure we don't miss any potential issues the device may have.
Deep Clean
Overtime your Mac may gather dust and other debris internally. We make sure to thoroughly clean every machine we open to ensure optimal cooling and ensure longevity of thermal sensitive components.
Original Parts & Assembly
Lastly, we only use original parts where at all possible and we ensure your Mac is assembled to the original specification.

Safe & Secure

You can leave your Mac with us trusting it's in safe hands. We don't even require your password for the vast majority of our repairs, so your data stays private.

No password? No problem
We can carry out nearly all Mac repairs without your passeord. Should we require it to test certain features, you are more than welcome to enter the code yourself to carry out any tests.
Your data stays safe
We never access, save or copy any personal information that's saved on your Mac, should you require data backing up for a transfer this information will be encrypted and deleted once complete.
iPatch Privacy