iPod Nano 3rd Generation Repairs

Repair information

We offer a comprehensive set of repairs for the iPod Nano 3. Including screen replacements, batteries and much more.

Image of an iPod Nano 3.

Repair options

90 Day Guarantee


  • Most repairs are completed within the hour
  • A deep clean is included on all repairs
  • We replace the dust and water seal on all repairs

We built our business on customer service

Free Diagnosis

We'll diagnose your device free of charge and provide a no obligation quote for a repair.

90-day warranty

If you have any issues in the first 90-days we warranty against any part defects or workmanship.


We don't require your passcode for the vast majority of our repairs, so your data stays secure and private.

The Fine Details

We aim to repair your device to the highest standards, while offering quick turnaround and a secure repair service.

Opening of an iPod Touch 7th Generation.

The iPod touch line-up has become a lot more common than it was when first released, especially as more music is streamed and the devices are powerful enough to handle gaming. The larger touch displays are easily cracked and we are able to replace the screens on every touch model, right the way back to the 1st generation.

SSD kit fitted to an iPod Classic.

All of the iPod classic line up, from the very first iPod created through to the iPod mono, photo, video and finally the classic, use hard drive storage with moving parts. These hard drives look and work like little record players and are prone to physical knocks. As they are one of the more expensive and delicate parts to replace, we have opted to upgrade the storage options to solid state (SSD) drives.